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OnepPlus 7T Pro Spare Part List

Cost Name
₹15,610.00 Screen
₹23,129.00 Mainboard 8+ 128GB
₹26,877.00 Mainboard 8+ 256GB
₹720.00 Front Camera
₹4,500.00 Rear Camera
₹2,800.00 Back Cover
₹325.00 Speaker
₹214.00 Receiver
₹1,300.00 Battery
₹258.00 Speaker Bottom
₹198.00 Speaker Top

OnepPlus 7T Pro Service FAQ

What is the cost of a Screen spare part?

The cost of a Screen spare part is ₹15,610.00.

How much does a Mainboard 8+ 128GB cost?

The Mainboard 8+ 128GB costs ₹23,129.00.

Out-of-Warranty Service Charges

Parts Description Service Charge(Inclusive of GST)
Software Upgradation & Handset Diagnosis ₹ 0
Hardware Adjustment (Including cleaning) ₹ 472
Service Charges-Part Consumed cases ₹ 472
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