Complete Refrigerator Buying Guide[2018]

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Deal Score+3

Are you planning to buy a Refrigerator? This post will guide you in choosing right refrigerator, just keep following things in mind while buying:


Refrigerator capacity

Refrigerator capacity

Choosing the capacity is the first step in the process. The following table will help you decide:

Family Size Capacity
150-300 Liters
230-300 Liters
240-400 Liters
550-850 Liters

Room Space

Refrigerators are large appliances and need space. You need to leave space (at least 1 inch) around the walls for ventilation. Your doorways and passages should accommodate the refrigerator easily.

Consider the future capacity when buying. Your family size may grow. You might have frequent visits by guests.

Pro tip: Always buy next big size according to your current to avoid inconvenience in future.

Refrigerator Door Type

Refrigerator door types

Refrigerator door types

Refrigerators come in different types. You should select the best according to your need. Refer the following table for reference.

Detail Single Door Double Door Triple Door Side-By-Side
150-300 Liters 230-300 Liters 240-400 Liters 550-850 Liters
Main Features
  • Economical
  • No direct access to freezer
  • Manual defrost
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Large freezer space
  • Energy efficient
  • Freezer on top
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Large dedicated vegetable drawer space
  • Generally taller
  • Freezer on top
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Largest in space
  • Multiple freezer and vegetable storage options
  • In-built water dispensers
Family size
1-2 members 2-4 members 3-5 members 5+ members
Frost Free

Defrosting Type: Frost Free Vs Direct Cool

What would you prefer? Manually defrost the freezer every now and then or automatic defrost.r

Detail Direct Cool Frost Free
Energy saving
Food Presevation
Manual Automatic
Cooling type
Natural convection Electric fans

Some other important tips to keep in mind

No two refrigerator models are the same. Same capacity models don’t always give the same space. Some models offer higher freezer capacity but cut down on vegetable storage or vegetable storage capacity can vary even with same capacity models.

  • Frozen Food
    • If your diet depends heavily on frozen foods choose the model with larger freezer capacity in the price range.
  • Vegetable Storage
    • If you buy vegetables in bulk for the whole week instead of daily then go for the highest vegetable storage space in the price range.
  • Number of Shelves
    •  Within the same capacity range, the number of shelves offered may differ.
    • You may be enticed to go for more shelves but keep in mind that it might result in lack of space or larger vessels.

Star Ratings

Star Ratings

Star Ratings

The star ratings are typically found on the top-right corner of the fridge. Higher the number of stars, lower the power consumption. Typical savings on power bills range from Rs.300 – Rs.1800 per year, when we move from 1 to 5-star models respectively.

Inverter Technology: Inverter Compressor Vs Normal Compressor

Inverter compressor saves the electricity and also increase the life of compressor in the fridge.

Detail Inverter Compressor Normal Compressor
Less More
Power Bills
Less More
More Less
Temperature Variation
Less More
Life span
More Less
Tip: If you heavy user of the fridge then you should go for the inverter based models as the power savings will compensate for the premium you pay at the time of purchase. Also if you are going for the higher capacity model then opt for inverter-based models as power consumption goes high with the capacity of the refrigerator.


  • Convertible Models

    • If you frequently run out of space then there are some models that allow you to use freezer space as a fridge.
  • Built-in Water Dispenser

    • It gives you direct access to cold water without opening the fridge. It consumes the space and requires filtered water all the time.
  • Toughened Glass Shelves

    • Most refrigerators above 230 Liters capacity now come with toughened glass shelves, which are more durable than plastic and can take more weight.
  • Cool Pack

    • This feature is useful in power failures. It can keep the fridge cool for 12 hours without electricity.
  • Deodorizer

    • It removes odour using powerful filters and keeps the air inside fresh. So there are no foul smells when you open the fridge.
  • Built-in Voltage Stabiliser

    • If you have frequent and high voltage fluctuations in your electric supply then pick the models with built-in voltage stabilizers. This protects your compressor from voltage fluctuations.

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