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OnePlus 1 Spare Part List

Part Cost
Screen ₹6571.00
Mainboard ₹12616.00
Front Camera ₹886.00
Rear Camera ₹2533.00
Battery ₹1040.00

OnePlus 1 Service FAQ

How much does the Screen cost?

The Screen costs ₹6571.00.

What is the cost of Mainboard?

The Mainboard costs ₹12616.00.

How much is the Front Camera priced at?

The Front Camera costs ₹886.00.

What is the price of the Rear Camera?

The Rear Camera costs ₹2533.00.

How much does the Battery cost?

The Battery costs ₹1040.00.

Out-of-Warranty Service Charges

Parts Description Service Charge(Inclusive of GST)
Software Upgradation & Handset Diagnosis ₹ 0
Hardware Adjustment (Including cleaning) ₹ 472
Service Charges-Part Consumed cases ₹ 472
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